Slate Labs is a long-term investment in the success of both the Slate and Solana networks.

We strive to provide total transparency to our community and are pleased to provide the public with insight into how we plan to use current token supply and actions to date.

Statement of Use

Our immediate goals with our stake are to help ensure the liveliness and security of the Slate ecosystem. Beyond liveness and security, our secondary goal is to promote the growth of curators on the platform.

We will use tokens:

  • To assist in securing transactions and the network. Tokens are routinely redistributed among liquidity pools to maintain transparent transactions and allocations of supply.
  • To provide incentives to contributors, application developers, and other NFT-based projects through token grants, competitions, and investments.
  • To assist in the development of the financial ecosystem by encouraging growth and liquidity through support of partner solutions including staking and market making.

In addition:

  • We will re-balance our accounts from time to time—creating new addresses or removing old addresses—and update this page as needed.
  • We anticipate selling some Slate Tokens through third-party-run, structured selling plans to fund development initiatives. Details on any sales will be published in future transparency reports.

These points are important as you may see tokens move and our total stake fluctuate as we provide support to the community. We will publish a periodic summary of token movement in addition to wallet updates as part of our transparency policy.

Token distribution

Both our seed and private sale rounds are distributed to many different participants. By distributing our seed, private and public sales, we are creating the most fair token distribution on launch possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply. For token vesting, we will use Bonfida's vesting contracts to lock tokens ahead of the public sale. For sake of transparency, all addresses and vesting seeds will be published here, but you can already get an overview of it if you take a look at the distribution page.

Token Information

Type SPL token on Solana
Ticker SLT
Total Supply 100,000,000
Initial Circuiting Supply 20,000,000
Initial Market Cap 4,000,000 USD
Seed Sale Price 0.13 USD
Private Sale Price 0.16 USD
Public Sale Price 0.20 USD

Token Allocations and Vesting Schedule

Category Vesting Amount
Reserve 1 year cliff, then 2 years vesting 25,000,000
Team 6 month cliff, then 2 years quarterly vesting 20,000,000
Advisor 1 year cliff, then 2 years quarterly vesting 2,000,000
Airdrop, Community, Marketing 30% unlocked, 6 months vesting for remaining 70% 10,000,000
Private Sale 3 month cliff, 18 months vesting, linear quarterly unlock 15,000,000
Seed Round 3 month cliff, 18 months vesting, linear quarterly unlock 5,000,000
Platform Reward/Ecosystem 50% unlocked, 6 months vesting for remaining 50% 4,000,000
Public Sale 100% unlocked 4,000,000
Liquidity 100% unlocked 11,000,000

This page describing Slate Labs' use of tokens and wallets will be kept updated and supersedes any previous announcements.

Slate Wallet Addresses

We will publish the addresses of Slate Labs' tokens upon minting. Announcements will be published in Transparency Reports.

Transparency Reports

We are committed to providing transparency reports on a regular basis on our holdings and actions to date. Previously published transparency reports are available in the Slate Labs blog (coming soon).